The complete hair solution

Kalona hair care collection is a complete, bespoke system formulated to repair and maintain all hair types.

Kalona’s unique triple blend of three powerful, effective oils – ArganCoconut and Marula, offers unrivalled benefits in the quest for beautiful hair.

Regular use of this triple action ingredient combination results in lustrous hair that’s healthy and strong.

Carefully formulated to include each of these oils, all our products have well-known properties for exceptional hair care. Used individually or in combination with each other, great noticeable results will be achieved.

The vitamins and anti-oxidants in the three oils nourish and repair hair and protect it against UV, thermal and environmental damage, producing strong, glossy hair.

Why it works!

Argan Oil

Golden Moroccan Argan Oil, extracted from the fruit of the Argan tree, is rich in numerous nutrients, including vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids and tocepherols. The natural anti-oxidants it contains serve to renew cell structure and this Oil locks in moisture to combat the sun’s damaging rays, prevents tangles and makes hair soft and manageable.

The benefits of Argan Oil on hair skin and nails have been known for centuries and its inclusion in Kalona provides your hair with everything it needs to look fabulous.

Coconut Oil

More widely available, yet chock full of ingredients to enhance your everyone’s crowning glory, Coconut Oil contains fatty acids, including lauric acid, and has also been used for centuries for its powerful medicinal, as well as its intense moisturising and conditioning properties. In addition to protecting against thermal damage, Coconut Oil stimulates hair growth getting deep into the follicles.  Anti-microbial and anti-fungal it helps to promote scalp health and produce clean, enviously shiny hair.

Coconut Oil is particularly beneficial in this unique blend with Marula and Argan Oils.

Marula oil

Extracted from the fruit of the Marula tree which is native to South Africa, this is a rare Oil that has a fragrant, floral, nutty aroma. It is also packed with powerful properties including protective anti-oxidants and nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids which combine to protect and beautify hair.

Its other bonuses are that this luxurious Oil is light in texture, super fast-absorbing and hydrating and great for all hair types.

Marula Oil has been a part of beauty rituals for hundreds of years in South Africa, the rest of the world has only recently discovered its many benefits.

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