Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy – Our Philosophy

Kitoko Advanced Hair Therapy combines nature and science to create an indulgent, sensory experience and a therapeutic approach to professional hair care.

The name Kitoko means ‘beautiful’ and comes from the Lingala language spoken in central and western Africa.

The range consists of 5 regimes and includes cleansers, balms and active masques. All products are completely colour safe and are free from sulphates, Parabens, mineral oils and waxes.

All the products within the range also benefit from A.S.P’s unique Electron Acceptor Technology™. This unique blend of antioxidants specifically targets free radicals which cause ‘ageing’ or damage to the hair shaft.

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Clever Nature

Kitoko Advanced Hair Therapy products contain natural African plant extracts, expertly selected for their incredible rejuvenating and restorative qualities, each regime uses its own unique blend to ensure maximum effectiveness. Each Kitoko regime also employs its own mood enhancing olfactory fragrances specially designed to create a luxurious, sensory experience for client and stylist alike.

Luxurious. Sensory. Scientific.

Experience Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy, a luxurious range of highly effective in-salon and homecare treatments that provide a professional regime approach to hair and scalp care.


Full in salon training is provided to all Kitoko stockists to ensure that your staff are competent and confident in how best to use this incredible range. We teach a simple but effective consultation and diagnosis process as well as the Kitoko sensory head massage techniques to ensure that your client experiences the ultimate sense of well being and relaxation.

  • Hydro Revive
  • Nutri Restore
  • Volume Restore
  • Purifying Control
  • Special Treatments

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