Bespoke highlighting & toning in one easy step

Spectrum with DATEM® Technology is a quick & easy highlighting system for natural & coloured hair. Spectrum lightens & tones the hair during a single process, allowing you to achieve incredible results in just 2-12 minutes!

The Spectrum system comprises the Lightening Powder, 6 beautifully fragranced Pigments and a choice of 3 strengths of Activator (8, 22 and 30 vol), which can be used to achieve up to 5 levels of lift.

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The 6 Spectrum Pigments can be used to create individual results for every client, with cool, warm or natural tones. The Cool Pigments (Green, Blue and Violet) reduce the warmth in the hair and the Warm Pigments (Red, Neutral and Yellow) increase warmth in the hair, allowing limitless results. Spectrum can be used with all highlighting techniques, (e.g. foils, meches etc.) and the advanced, gentle formulation also allows easy on-scalp application.

Spectrum uses our unique DATEM® Technology to protect the hair from damage during processing, ensuring the best condition imaginable. The process is fast and predictable, giving the client a quick and comfortable service with amazing results.

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